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Unik edition Custom Motorcycles, or UN ED, came from a great passion about creating something new, from a great love for motorcycles and above all for Life in general. We believe that we can create unique custom pieces, where art meets the quality and aesthetics of the different materials.

Mutt Motorcyclesby Unik

Mutt Motorcycles is represented by Unik Edition in Portugal.We share great feelings with Mutt Motorcycles and we are proud to bring this brand and its great motorcycles to our country.Have a glimpse of the amazing Mutt Motorcycles.

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Tour event: Porto Alto Unik

Last 7th of July Unik Edition has organized another Unik event: a tour to Porto Alto. The main purpose as always was socializing with everyone that share the…

We are open! Visit us now and ride with us.

After overcoming great challenges and obstacles and with all the energy and determination that underpinned the genesis of this Unik project, on the 4th of May…




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