UNIK EDITION CUSTOM MOTORCYCLES has born from the passion to create, the love for motorcycles and the urge of living life at its full. We believe that we can create unique customized pieces, where art embeds the quality of materials and aesthetics. In a global world we want to express the client’s individuality in each work. Be UNIK!

Customizing is an art form, and UNIK EDITION does it exceptionally. Above all, we want to be part of the process of transforming dreams into reality, providing the client with the realization of something truly UNIK!

“We love the possibility of transforming an ordinary piece into something unique, into a work of art, surpassing our clients’ imagination”.

Customization can be seen as a repetition of patterns and styles, the reality is that the custom market is a world with many specificities. We want to create your own style that combines elegance and irreverence and achieve a customization revivalist style, look and feel. We always bet on the artisan detail vision allied to premium materials to reach a Unik result.

UNIK Custom Bikes

Your dream can become a reality, why not give a new life to that old family motorcycle?

Because you are UNIK, you want a motorcycle that reflects your uniqueness.

All of our bikes are internationally posted.

Our goal is to surprise you, to give you more than you expected.

Motorcycle Shop

Mechanic (engine, maintenance, brakes, etc...)

Electrician (speedometer instalation, lights, diagnostics, etc...)

Seats upholstery


Any workshop service

Dealership - Mutt Motorcycles / Moto Morini

Mutt Motorcycles importer and representant in Portugal

Moto Morini Lisboa dealer.

Always new and used exclusive fabulous bikes


That old glory need love and care.

We will find all the grandeur hidden beneath the rust.You will not believe it!!!

Import & Legalization

We already imported and legalized several bikes; sometimes a very tricky and exhausting job but for you to have your dream bike, we do it without looking back!

UNIK Team Members

We are proud to be riding this road together. We founded Unik Edition Motorcycles to build your dreams and we know that we still have a long way to ride.
Meanwhile meet us!